Pain au Levain     (Sourdough Loaf)
This is a traditional rustic sourdough loaf made from white flour, a small amount of medium rye flour, natural leavening, water and salt. It has a mild sour flavor with a crisp crust and open crumb. Shelf life is typically 2 - 3 days in a paper bag and longer if stored in an air-tight container. The bread is offered unsliced or sliced.
1.5 lb.                                         $ 6.49
Our baguettes are made from white flour, natural leavening, poolish, water and salt. The flavor is a bit more complex with the combination of a natural and yeasted preferments. The crust has the traditional open scoring with crisp edges, and the crumb is cream colored, open and tangy. Shelf life is typically 1 - 2 days in a paper bag and longer if stored in an air-tight container. It is best consumed the day it is baked.
12 oz.                                         $ 5.00
Trevor's Sourdough Pan Loaf
Every now and then we just want a really good sliced bread for sandwiches. Trevor Wilson of provided the formula for this pan loaf that offers a subtle sourness along with a light, chewy texture from winter hard white, spelt  and rye flours.  Since the loaves are baked in 13" Pullman pans,  the crust is softer than the rustic loaves and the shape is more uniform. The bread is offered unsliced or sliced.
3 lb. Full Loaf                         $ 8.95
1.5 lb. Half Loaf                      $ 5.75
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